Waste Director by Univow is software for addressing measuring (audits), reducing, reusing and recycling.  For organizations of all sizes, Waste Director is focused on minimizing the cost and footprint of waste and the time to report on waste.



Until around 2005, most organizations weren’t all that concerned about their non-hazardous waste streams. But with landfill sites filling up or becoming much more expensive, standards bodies like GRI implementing waste diversion as a measurable category, and LEEP EBOM taking annual waste audits as a step to maintaining Gold and Platinum levels, companies are now faced with implementing comprehensive waste diversion program. 

For many, this has entailed the implementation of a waste dashboard; after all, “if you can measure it, you can change it” is a long-held axiom. But the inconvenient truth is that “measuring” isn’t “improving”, and the adoption of a dashboard is only the first step toward building a waste diversion program.

Unlike other solutions in the waste management space, we don’t provide just a dashboard view into your waste situation. We deliver functionality in the following areas that other solutions lack:

  • Accurate qualitative waste data (which tell your users what the composition of the waste in each stream is). Dashboards can only reflect how good or poor the quality of the data you send it is
  • Accurate quantitative waste data (how much is actually being sent)
  • Analysis of waste bills for errors and opportunities to improve
  • The ability to create meaningful plans to reduce or divert waste
  • The ability to engage your of staff with those plans

Furthermore, with our waste audit functionality, we allow companies that perform audits the ability to generate compliance and management reports in mere seconds rather than compiling them by hand. And, since they’re electronic, we provide reporting across any number of sites defined by the user.



  • Automated waste data estimation
  • Capture of waste audit data on any device
  • Automated creation of management reports
  • Automated creation of regulatory reports (saves $2,000-$3,000 per site)
  • Ability to create consolidated management reports across multiple locations
  • Ability to load in waybills both through automated feeds and manually
  • Immediate flagging of waybill overages/underages to identify billing errors
  • Reporting of waybills across the organization with drill down to details
  • Ability to create new or revised diversion goals by waste stream and site
  • Plan, deploy and manage waste diversion programs across multiple sites
  • Automated escalation and follow-up on actions to ensure that waste diversion programs are being enacted
  • Dashboards to show program status and effects
  • Dashboards to drill down with standard and ad-hoc inquiries