Waste Audit Services

Not sure you know how to perform a waste audit?  Want someone else to perform the actual weighing of waste and recycling streams?  We can help you do that.  

We have a team of partner waste consultants that can collect and enter the historical waste data, perform the data and come up with findings and suggested next steps.  And, because we use the Waste Director products, we can do this far faster (and cheaper) than the typical consultants.  So if you need a last minute Waste Audit for one of these needs, we can do it:

  • LEED EBOM MRc6 - One Credit
  • WELL Building Standard
  • Ministry of Environment (Ontario) 112/94
  • GRI
  • Corporate mandate
  • or some other reason.

And, because we use our Waste Director software, we can work with your staff to deliver the waste reduction/diversion targets that are set in a collaborative, non-invasive manner.

Backed by our software, we provide outstanding reporting on your waste levels, diversion metrics and costs.  We truly shine in multi-site environments as our software enables consistency of process and reporting across sites and provides highly flexible reporting to meet all stakeholders' needs. 

Call Duncan at 647.233.2592 for a demo.

Zero Waste Programs

Do you have a mandate to reduce your waste?  We can help by implementing a "Zero Waste Program" in your offices, distribution, manufacturing and other locations.  What's involved?

  • ·Get executive buy-in
  • The program(s)
    • Set your scope: number of locations; waste streams; time frame; etc
    • Establish education programs
    • Measure where you are
    • Determine the priorities for addressing your opportunities
    • Execute the tactics/actions to reduce waste (including but not limited to)
      • hange procurement practices
      • Signage installed/updated
      • Specific education
      • Ensure proper follow-up with escalation of late actions
    • Measure and repeat

Unique software solutions

You have unique or not yet available solutions?  We can build those for you.  Our .NET platform and Agile development processes support rapid creation of applications for use.  By focusing on our core strengths around waste and waste reduction, we can build unique apps more rapidly than other shops.  Give Duncan a call at 647.233.2592. 

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