Between the waste associated with product packaging and the carbon emissions inherent in moving large quantities of goods from manufacturing to distribution to outlets, the volume of waste and the size of carbon footprint that retailers produce is formidable.

We can expect to see even more companies focusing their sustainability efforts on innovation designed to drive company growth while reducing environmental impact. Sustainability increasingly will be seen as a strategic necessity, inspiring and managing profitable change across the enterprise.
— Adam Siegel, Retail Industry Leaders Association

Univow works with leading retailers to create programs to engage employees in the reduction and diversion of materials such as packaging, plastic film, corrugated cardboard and more, and in the minimization of their carbon footprints.

Carbon Commander and Waste Manager realize benefits for retailers including:

Waste savings: (one to two percent per year)

  • Waybill analysis (catch errors and over-billings)
  • Effective program roll-out and follow-up (higher program adoption)

Decreased consulting costs: (savings range from $1,500 to $3,000 per site)

  • Waste audits take less time and effort
  • More consistent results and faster turn-around time
  • Carbon tracking takes less time and effort with greater accuracy

Better employee engagement: (reduced employee turn over)

  • Best practices roll-out with follow-up
  • Engage employees in carbon reduction during travel and commuting
  • Better identification of performing locations

Better CSR results:

  • Effect waste reductions
  • Track travel and commuting carbon emissions

Better regulatory compliance:

  • LEED buildings earn MRc6 EBOM credit
  • Meet local regulations with less effort and better compliance