Waste Director's Food Disposition software helps optimize the value recovered from excess or expiring products.   Using a very simple interface that can easily be integrated to your store or DC systems, the application provides the user with the best disposition option for food using SKU, appearance and other key data.  The options are maintained by you (could include Food Banks,  and are graded for each instance based on total value including cost of goods, time, transportation and taxes, presenting the best option for that instance.

Furthermore, our application can track the execution of the disposition through to the end 3rd party to ensure value delivered and ethical guidelines have been met. 

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Soft Goods

Waste Director's Soft Goods Disposition software helps organizations dispose of branded or un-branded goods to recover as much value as possible while respecting brand limitations.  

By providing in-store or DC staff with the best options, we help reduce the cost of handling these goods while also providing any instructions such as de-branding or destruction instructions.

We also provide tracking of the goods once disposition has taken place to ensure compliance to brand and ethical guidelines.  

Finally we provide dashboards to track and monitor disposition of these goods to meet corporate and government reporting needs.

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Hard Goods

Hard goods diversion is a relatively known field but we can still help.  Waste Director can provide tracking of the disposition of goods to ensure that brand agreements are being met.  Furthermore, we can provide the optimal choices to the store/DC staff directly so that transportation and handling costs can be reduced.

The Waste Director product also provides dashboard capabilities that can increase your stakeholder engagement.

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Custom Developed Solutions

The world of waste diversion solutions is far from mature.  As a result we expect that you and others may not be able to find the solution you need.  

As a software and services company committed to having the leading waste diversion solutions, we would be very interested in hearing from you about your unique needs.

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